YUROM Center is a non-government, non-profit organization, constituted in July, 1998 upon the initiative of some Roma local and republic organizations from Yugoslavia and Roma International Organization (RIJ).

The mission of YUROM Center is: Participation in the creation of better life conditions of Roma communities in Serbia, within a civic and a multiparty society, where there is equality among the people in accordance with the European values and the heritage of the struggle against fascism. YUROM Center as a part of the International Roma Movement in the Decade of Roma Inclusion has a human rights approach. In cooperation with everyone supporting this approach YUROM Center works on the creation of political and other conditions for Serbia to join the EU through:

  • Spreading the ideas and goals for the social inclusion of Roma and the improvement of cultural, political and economic emancipation of Roma;
  • Cooperation within the citizens, nations, religions and states of Europe, with a goal of creating a Europe of Citizens.

Our goal is democratic Serbia, based on the rule of the law and social justice, capable of protecting the human rights and providing safety and inclusion for Roma.

Target groups include all Roma (different categories), but also Roma CSOs, local institutions, local and national authorities. YUROM is (one of) the leading Roma CSO's in advocacy for the Roma inclusion in Serbia. YUROM centre is working in the area of education, housing, health care, employment, culture and information dissemination through advocacy on local and national level but also directly working in the local community. YUROM centre has successfully introduced Roma assistants in schools, improve communal infrastructure of Roma settlements. Introduced local Health mediation for Roma in the region of Nis, trained Roma for self employment and founded Union of Secondary Raw Materials Gatherers. YUROM centre has participated in the creation of the Poverty Reduction Strategy of Serbia (2003), the Strategy of Roma integration in SCG(2002-2003), SME (small and medium enterprises) Development Strategy in Niš (2003), the Sustainable Development Strategy.