Forty-three years ago, the founding fathers of April 8th, gave answers to fundamental questions every nation faces at a certain point. They knew that answers they gave will not be obligatory to anyone. They knew that the answers they gave will not be imposed on us by any governmental decrees, history classes, monuments, museums, memorials, or military parades. And they also knew that these answers must be given by Roma instead of being given by somebody else.

Yurom Center expresses its great concern for the status of human rights of Roma and general situation of the Roma community inSerbia.

  1. The problem of public expression and spreading of ethnic and race intolerance towards Roma, organization of "spontaneous" meetings and attacks on Roma settlements inBelgrade, Zemun, Bor andNishas been evident for more than a year and it is unacceptable that police and judicial bodies have not succeeded yet in solving this problem permanently. The state is obliged to ensure security and personal integrity and to take all necessary measures to provide dignified life and peace to its citizens. The domestic public does not know if there have been initiated and applied any sanctions after many violent incidents against Roma as well as against the members of other communities. The state officials give no statements in regard to ethnic incidents. They do not denunciate such events, either. They do not even "make reserve" in regard to such violation type. The obligations, based on Constitution, National legislation and many International agreements, related to human rights have been ignored, they only represent a facade over "good and realized and respected human rights inSerbia".

Dear Sirs,
Having in mind a series of domestic and International recommendations, the National Roma Strategy and the Action Plan based on the it, we are in the position to express our concern about the fact that the Draft Legalization Law, the public disussion for which has not been held, does not contain a single provision dealing with „illegal Roma settlements".

The public discussion, as the only way for the citizens to express their attitudes, was supposed to start on 18 July 2013, however, due to the lack of interest of the very Ministry of Building and Urbansim, the Serbian Government Office for Human and Minoriy Rights of the newly formed Council of Roma and even the Roma National Council, did not take place. Such procedure of laws enactment is unconstitutional and irresponsible.