On 8th April 2013, it will be 41st time to celebrate the International Day of Roma.

There are organized, shows, conferences, plays, exhibitions and performances. Since no one from the Government of Serbia has thought about the Decade of Roma, State Strategy for Roma, action plans for everything and anything, but, in fact, nothing, during the last year, it is good that this International Day of warning comes close.

Dear representatives of the Serbian Government ministries, representatives of independent bodies,
Dear friends and colleagues from International organizations, dear friends from Roma nongovernmental organizations

Welcome to VI Annual Conference of the League for Decade of Roma in Serbia.

The League for Roma Decade in Serbia, as a coalition of nongovernmental organizations, advocating for Roma community interests, started the eighth year of its activity. Annual conferences are an opportunity to summarize the results of implementation of the Roma Decade in Serbia, to analyze the work of the Government of Serbia, state and local authorities in charge of carrying out very clear action plans of the Decade of Roma. It is also the opportunity do discuss about our part of responsibility in these plans implementation, and also to talk about the results and plans of International organizations.

About the Second Decade of the Roma Inclusion

"If we do not succeed now, we can blame ourselves only"
It took almost 50 years of constant acting of Roma organizations throughout Europe, before the European Roma issue has become one of the priorities in creating a modern community of states. Problems and Golghota of our people in the East European countries came out of the darkness of a deliberate oblivion and became visible to everybody, particularly after the fall of the Berlin wall and the wave of more or less successful democratization which affected these countries. Upon the initiative of the World Bank and the Open Society Institute, in cooperation with the European Roma Movement, the year 2005 was annonounced as the Decade for Roma Inclusion. Prime Ministers of nine countries of the Central and East Europe signed the Declaration about the Decade.