"Human security covers freedom from fear and freedom from want"

YUROM Centre and the League of Roma - Standing Conference of Roma civil associations (SKRUG) formed the thematic committee within the League of Roma, comprising civil society organizations, independent regulatory bodies, representatives of state authorities and institutions, in order to establish a systematic monitoring of the Roma human security in Serbia.
The idea we were led by was to place under the safeguards exposed to public pressure of the civil society organizations the negative social phenomena within Roma community, responsibility and irresponsibility of the government authorities and the concept of human security. We want to promote a new system of social responsibility for all past and future incidents and, eventually, to minimize the Roma security risks which have become a factual issue.

1. Differences between two censuses

Table 1 shows the data on the economic activities of the Roma in the Republic of Serbia, gathered at the censuses held in 2002 and 2011.Based on the differences between participation in certain categories it can be seen that within the 10-year period, the percentage of employed Roma decreased significantly, by 5.95%, whereas there is an increase in the category of persons doing housework (housewives), by 2.19%, and an increase in the number of persons from the category 'the others', by 3.57%.These are statistically very significant differences, since the Chi Square test value (which is 5.233,6) is much higher than the theoretical ones (12.6 for the level of freedom 6 and the level of significance of 5%, and 16.8 for the same level of freedom and 1% of the level of significance).

Belgrade, 5 May 2014

We, the Standing Conference of Roma Associations of Citizens – the League of Roma (SKRUG the League of Roma) are writing with regard to the ongoing development of the Draft Action Plan for the implementation of Strategy for prevention and protection against discrimination for the period between 2013 and 2018 (the Draft), the process being coordinated by the Office for Human and Minority Rights of the Republic of Serbia Government.