General framework of Employment and Social Policies Reform Programme for European Union candidate countries
Roma Support Measures - Serbia
Proposer: YUROM Centre - April 2014


  • The Roma have a marginalised role in the society, discrimination is almost institutionalised at all levels of government and their employment problem cannot be considered only from the aspect of economic sustainability of the system. Having in mind that the Roma are heterogenous social group, they should be approached in different ways in order to include them more actively in social and political processes.

Critical view by the League of Roma within the Standing Conference of Roma Associations of Citizens of political and economic criteria for assessing Serbia's progress in the accession process for the period from October 2013 as well as the degree of implementation of conclusions reached at the seminar on Social Inclusion of Roma in the Republic of Serbia of 18 June 2013 chaired by Mr Pierre Mirel (enclosed)

Based on the recommendations and conclusions of the latest European Commission report for the year 2013 concerning the fulfilment of political and economic requirements in the process of Serbia accession to EU, the League gives the following comments and observations regarding the improvement of the status of Roma:

  • The conclusion of the 2013 seminar on social inclusion: The Strategy for the improvement of the status of Roma in the Republic of Serbia was adopted in 2009. The Action Plan for the period up to 2015 was adopted in June 2013. The Government shall submit annual public reports on the progress in the implementation of the Strategy and the Action Plan in order to ensure the transparency of the implementation process.

Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion Mr Laszlo Andor
Director Pierre Mirel

Dear Mr. Andor, Dear Mr. Mirel,
In the light of the upcoming visit of Mr. Andor to the Republic of Serbia on 26th September and his meeting with NGOs representatives, I feel freee to address you and point out to some opportunities, when it is to do with Roma and practical policz of inclusion.